Founded in 1946, The Sebago® Company was started by three New England natives and friends: Dan Wellehan, Charlie Beaudoin, and Joe Cordeau. Their homeland New England a glorious landscape, gift-wrapped in rivers and lakes, towering forests, mountain ranges, dramatic ocean coastlines and soft sandy beaches. The “Boys” were close pals, bonded like family, and instinctively transfered their genuine outdoors inspiration and marine roots into their shoes and clothing: this was the right move to empower the Brand’s success. By 1954 the “Boys” had began to export internationally.

Today’s collections include a wide array of active usage apparel in addition to footwear, all created by proudly honouring the founders’ commitment to superior construction, refinement and unwavering attention to details.

Whichever Sebago® creation you are about to wear, is going to be an item that was born excellent because it was handmade, will prove durable thanks to the reliable quality of the materials chosen, will stay contemporary because it binds tradition with a true vocation for innovation, will prove to be timeless because it can only improve with time, and will remain a reference point of elegance beyond any dress code and fashion wave.